Establishing a network of laymen and professionals

21.08. 2009. MINDTECH seeks to establish a network of laymen. This group will be dealing with the social and ethical sides to research, development and the implementation of emerging technologies in our society.

Turning point
Through our work we have found what we believe to be the most important research area when it comes to brain technologies and surveillance systems. This will (hopefully) lead us to new and significant discoveries regarding how these technologies work and the implications it will have on our society.

The most interesting part are the Direct Human Brain – AI – Interface System technologies. MINDTECH will do extensive and thorough research into this totally new area, which at this point, is being investigated only by the few.

Project leader:
Magnus Olsson Telephone  +46  709 26 3o 04

E-Mail: bionicgate@live.se

About Magnus Contact:

Director for Mindtech Sweden
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5 Responses to MINDTECH Sweden

  1. Mike U.S.A says:

    „There could be conflict between the personal freedom to use one‘s economic resources to get an implant that will enhance one‘s physical capabilities and what society at large considers desirable or ethically acceptable.“

  2. Mike U.S.A says:

    Microsoft patent Number 6,754,472 June 22, 2004 concerns the human body as a medium for transmission of data (or energy) to „other devices“ like PDAs, cellular phones, medical devices, RFID, making possible to localize persons. The patent does not describe any specific device.